Simple data integration of various systems

  • YAML-Mapping

    Data integration of numerous systems.

  • Monitoring

    Detailed logs showing every error.

  • Time & money savings

    Low effort and short run-times of projects.

  • Reliability

    Large amounts of data and fail-safety.

Transparent & complex data integration

NAV ・ SAP ・ CRM ・ Akeneo PIM ・ ERP ・ Hybris ・ Magento ・ Shopware

A successful online shop requires more than a working shop system. Another critical point for the success of an online business is the administration and storage of product data. This is usually done with the help of an ERP or PIM system. In particular, the transfer of data from the ERP or the PIM into the online shop leaves plenty of room for improvement, because interfaces do not exist yet or must be individually programmed at horrendous prices. The larger the number of items or the greater the complexity associated with product data, the greater the need for a clean solution for data migration. The availability of up-to-date and individual product data is an essential success factor in e-commerce.

Thus, the important questions in e-commerce are: How does the data get into the various channels and how does it work the most efficiently? How can the process of transferring product data from the ERP or PIM to the shop be optimized?

The solution

The solution is Oktopus. The system Oktopus controls the synchronization of all connected systems of an online shop after a one-time setup. Manual juggling with importing and exporting product data is no longer necessary since Oktopus transfers all product data correctly and without errors into the desired target system. You no longer have to worry about updating product data in your online shop as it can process orders automatically.

The features

  • Scalability depending on the company
  • No downtimes
  • Flexible functionalities for complex data mapping
  • Support for the entire life cycle of data integration
  • operational safety
  • Data processing functions
  • No black box syndrome!
  • Endless data integration

Are you interested in OKTOPUS?

The benefits for you as a user

You get a future-proof solution which controls your data management simplified and centrally. Oktopus can be customized to your needs without sacrificing the update capability & extensibility. You benefit from growing features of a product without sacrificing your individual project requirements. The system makes sure that your data ends up where it belongs to and you can stay focused on the content.

Compared to the effort of an individual newly developed product, the license costs incurred by you are very low. Finished modules for Shopware and NAV are already included and free of charge. Oktopus isn't limited to specific systems or programs but can be used in a variety of ways. Saas, on-premises, self-implementations and many more is possible. Saas, On-Premises, self-implementations and much more is feasible. In addition, the maintenance and support of the system is warranted by basecom. Consultation and training as well as an extensive landscape of partners complete our profile.

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