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We bring your digital ecosystem to life: By connecting all relevant software systems of your company and secure, automated data integration, we ensure the smooth digitalization of your infrastructure. With Celigo’s iPaaS solution, you will avoid manual data entry, data exports, costly errors, delays, and processes managed via spreadsheets and e-mails. We enable transparency across the entire company – with fewer technical resources.


Celigo – fast, simple, comprehensive

With Celigo, manual data entry, data exports and even processes managed via spreadsheets and emails are a thing of the past. Rely on a platform that helps you improve your data integration intuitively, flexibly and even without much technical understanding. Our offer for you:

  • Easy integration of different systems & sources
  • Scalability to suit your requirements
  • Flexible functionalities for complex business processes
  • Support for the entire data integration lifecycle
  • Operational security
  • Data processing functions & AI
  • Transparency
  • Agile data integration

Celigo Silver Partner – Rely on our experience and expertise.

iPaaS solution – Cloud-based integration platform: intuitive & flexible.

Easy integration – by Celigo integrates data from a wide range of systems and data sources.

Flexible scalability – Celigo is easily scalable and grows with your requirements.

Complex data integration – transparent & secure

The integration of data from different systems and data sources is one of the most important challenges for the successful digitalization of your company. In B2C as well as in B2B and D2C, high-quality, consistent data is a crucial element for success. As a software service provider and Celigo Silver Partner with a strong focus and a broad experience in the field of e-commerce, basecom specializes in reliable, automated data integration. We support you in being agile and flexible in the future: By providing innovative and individual solutions, we ensure that your costs are kept low now and in the future. This way you are not only always one step ahead of the competition, but you can also implement and try out new systems and applications without major integration efforts.

ERP・E-Commerce・IoT・App・CRM & much more.

Consulting & Service

We will be happy to advise you on any questions regarding the various fields of use and the implementation of Celigo’s integration solution in your system landscape.

Technical implementation & integration

During the setup of the iPaaS, all required systems are connected according to your specifications. A customer-specific data mapping ensures that all data reliably reaches where it is supposed to go. The setup of the integration platform is completed with the initial data integration of the connected systems.

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