PIM systems: Innovation meets product information

A centralized management of digital product information and data is an important part of successful e-commerce and multichannel sales. With the innovative and powerful PIM systems Akeneo PIM and Pimcore, we offer you two outstanding solutions for the effective and secure management of your product information.


Our offer: Professional consulting & expertise in technical implementation

By managing your product data consistently, you create the foundation for a compelling product experience and the creation of outstanding customer experiences across all channels. basecom is your partner in every aspect of e-commerce. Our portfolio therefore includes not only a variety of store systems and e-commerce platforms, but also other services and software solutions to boost the success of your online business. This includes a future-proof and powerful product information management tool that enables you to manage your product data efficiently and centrally. As an experienced PIM agency, we support you in finding the most suitable PIM solution for your company. We consult you and ensure the smooth implementation of the Product Information Management System and the integration with all relevant systems of your company’s software landscape.

Christof Zahn, Sales Consultant

Our solutions & services for your product information

The user-friendly and easy-to-use PIM systems by Akeneo and Pimcore stand out not only for their ability to centrally collect and refine your product information and descriptions, but also because they are easy to integrate with all leading e-commerce systems, such as Magento, Shopware or Spryker.
The PIM systems Akeneo and Pimcore are open source software that can be individually adapted to your needs to make the management of your product data as efficient and convenient as possible.

Multichannel & Omnichannel

Customized delivery of your data to any channel.

Data collection, selection, refinement, and provision: The PIM system collects all relevant product information according to individually defined rules. The product data is collected centrally and can be further refined or prepared to create genuine value for your customers, setting you apart from the competition. All Your product information is provided on any channel and can be individually customized.

Data quality

Centralized data management for best quality data.

Use your PIM system to manage, harmonize and verify your product information in one central location. This helps you to avoid errors and guarantees excellent data quality at all times. Even multilingual data management is no problem. The PIM system is the perfect tool for delivering your product information across channels, in multiple languages, and in the highest quality.

System integration

Full integration into your system landscape.

To make the most of your digital product information, your PIM system must be integrated as seamlessly as possible into your existing system landscape. Therefore, the ability to easily and reliably connect to an online store, ERP or CRM systems is an essential aspect when choosing a PIM system. Both Akeneo PIM and Pimcore PIM offer this possibility and can be individually adjusted to your needs. Your PIM system thus becomes a central building block of your company’s digital transformation.

Main focus

Agile implementation

Our approach to project implementation.

In project implementation, we use agile methods such as Scrum. Instead of rigid plans and specifications, we focus on close cooperation with our customers. Through this solution-oriented, transparent approach to work in short intervals (sprints), which permanently evaluates its results with tests and feedback loops, your PIM project is progressing continuously, so that nothing gets in the way of a quick and successful start of your PIM project.

Open Source

Flexible & cost-effective.

Since Akeneo and Pimcore are open source software, the systems can be adapted to individual requirements. This has two major advantages: First, we can develop customized extensions for our customers that serve very specific business needs. Second, a large developer community ensures that numerous extensions and add-ons for the PIM systems are made available and further developed at low cost.

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Christof Zahn, Director Business Unit Consulting

Christof Zahn

Director Business Unit