commercetools – The flexible cloud solution for sophisticated e-commerce projects

The headless commerce platform by commercetools is the perfect foundation to design individual and cross-channel shopping experiences: Reliable, scalable, flexible. At the same time, the SaaS solution eliminates the effort of maintaining and servicing your own servers, allowing for a faster time-to-market with your offering.

Cloud commerce with commercetools

commercetools is an excellent solution for companies looking for a powerful e-commerce system that combines the high level of service and scalability of a SaaS platform with the most possible flexibility.

  • Innovative and high-performance SaaS cloud platform
  • Powerful commerce features for B2C, B2B, and D2C
  • Modern API-first platform, smooth integration
  • Possibility for individual customization and extensions
  • Easy, fast maintenance and automatic scaling
  • Low total cost of ownership

As an API-first platform, commercetools seamlessly integrates with your existing digital ecosystem, allowing the e-commerce system to efficiently interoperate with third-party systems such as PIM, ERP or CRM. In addition, the system can be individually extended and adapted to your needs using microservices, middlewares and events in order to offer your customers an exceptional digital experience.

commercetools Premier Partner – Trust the expertise of our team.

Unlimited scalability – Individual extensions and customizations.

Microservices – Fast time-to-market & agility due to modular architecture.

Cloud-native – Maximum availability & performance through cloud hosting.

Our services as commercetools Premier Partner

As your partner in the digital transformation, basecom supports you from the initial consultation to the implementation of your digitalization project. In doing so, our ambition is to find exactly the solution that best suits your needs and the challenges your company faces, together with you. With the commercetools cloud commerce platform, we offer you a headless solution that stands out due to its fast time-to-market, excellent performance and scalability, a high degree of flexibility, and low maintenance and servicing costs.

Customization and integration

As Software as a Service (SaaS), commercetools offers extensive possibilities for configuration. Beyond the configuration within the system, we support you by creating individual frontends (web, app, etc.), integrations with third-party systems (PIM, ERP, CMS, CRM) and the development of individual middleware solutions based on Symfony.

The advantages of commercetools at a glance:


commercetools offers you the possibility to assemble your system in a modular architecture from individual independent components that are connected by APIs. These microservices can be developed, modified or replaced at any time, thus enabling a more flexible and agile development of your system.

API-first approach

As an API-first centered SaaS platform, commercetools gives you the ability to seamlessly link all relevant systems to the e-commerce system. This way, you create a platform-centric ecosystem in which you can merge and map all digital processes.


As a cloud platform, commercetools offers a maximum of reliability, is excellently scalable and very flexible. Since there is no need to maintain and service your own servers and costs are based on usage, the total cost of ownership is relatively low, while a fast time-to-market is guaranteed.

Headless commerce

The headless architecture of commercetools separates backend and frontend. Innovative frontend solutions can thus be developed faster and independently of the backend. This allows the development of compelling online offers across channels and devices in a more flexible and efficient way. Not only today, but also in the future.

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