Shopify Plus – powerful SaaS solution for dynamic e-commerce projects

With its extensive out-of-the-box functionalities, Shopify Plus offers an excellent basis for individual and flexibly scalable e-commerce projects. At the same time, the SaaS solution minimizes the effort required for updates and maintenance of the system.

Shopify Plus: get to MVP quickly & scale flexibly

The e-commerce system Shopify Plus is Shopify’s enterprise solution. It is tailored to medium to large companies. The software-as-a-service offer provides companies with the opportunity to launch an online offering as an MVP in a very short time. Extensions and customizations can be realized through apps or connected as functional extensions via API.

  • Cloud-native SaaS commerce solution
  • High-performance & innovative
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Extensive commerce features for B2C, B2B and D2C
  • Individual expansion options through apps & via API
  • Large international ecosystem with 10,000+ apps
  • Automatic updates & scaling
  • Low & transparent total cost of ownership

Shopify Plus has powerful APIs so that the e-commerce system can be seamlessly connected to third-party systems such as PIM, ERP or CRM. Custom storefronts or front-end solutions can also be easily connected to Shopify Plus.

Shopify Partner – Trust the expertise of our team.

International ecosystem – More than 10,000 apps available.

Fast time-to-market – Get to MVP quickly and easily.

Cloud-native – Maximum availability & performance through cloud hosting.

Our services as a Shopify Partner

As your partner for digitalization, basecom supports you all the way from consulting to the implementation of your e-commerce project. By providing technology-neutral consulting, we work with you to find the solution that best suits the challenges and requirements of your company. With the SaaS offer Shopify Plus, we offer you a commerce solution that offers a fast time-to-market, very good performance, scalability, and low maintenance costs.

Individual extensions, apps & integration

Shopify Plus offers the possibility to expand and extend the functionality of the out-of-the-box system with apps and individual extensions. As a Shopify agency, we support you beyond the configuration of the system, by developing individual frontends (web, app, etc.), individual extensions and apps and integrations with third-party systems (PIM, ERP, CMS, CRM).

The advantages of Shopify Plus at a glance:


As a cloud solution, Shopify Plus is outstandingly scalable, reliable and at the same time very user-friendly. With Shopify Plus, a new online shop can be set up very quickly, so that your online offer can be realised as an MVP with a time-to-market of a few months. Since updates are automatically applied, there is very little effort for maintenance and servicing of the system.

Transparent licensing model

Shopify offers an attractive licensing model with the Shopify Plus plan, which includes both the extensive standard functionalities of Shopify Plus and cloud hosting at an entry-level price of $2,000/month. As requirements and sales volumes grow, a variable fee option takes effect that adapts to the needs of the project.

10,000+ apps in the app store

Shopify Plus has a very large international ecosystem and provides more than 10,000 of its own apps and third-party apps in its app store, allowing the shop system to be expanded with additional functionalities. Additional sales channels or logistics services, for example, can be easily connected.

Custom Frontends with Hydrogen & Oxygen

With the headless commerce stack Hydrogen, Shopify Plus offers a powerful toolbox for the development of individual storefronts that are optimized for Shopify Plus. Hydrogen is based on the open source framework Remix. With templates mapped to Shopify APIs, pre-built components, hooks and utilities, Hydrogen makes custom frontend development easier & faster. For Hydrogen frontends, Shopify provides the global hosting solution Oxygen for free.

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