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Extensive Shopware 6 project with Fleurop

  • Relaunch of the B2C online shop with Shopware Enterprise
  • Individual and customer-centric ordering process for flowers
  • Extensive availability and business logic for Florist & packaged shipping
  • International shipping to over 150 countries

In 2019, Fleurop celebrated its 111th anniversary. As early as 1997, Fleurop launched its own website. Since then, the shop has grown steadily and now had to be modernized. The relaunch of the online shop was to be implemented on the basis of a powerful, flexible and future-oriented e-commerce system. Since user-friendly CMS functionalities, easy-to-use administration, a modern, responsive design and very good performance were also important decision criteria for Fleurop, the choice fell on the Shopware 6 Enterprise e-commerce system. The Fleurop team made it clear early on that it was interested in a long-term collaboration. We are all the more pleased that we were able to implement this exciting project together with Fleurop. In order to be able to ensure that the system remains stable and available even under high loads and peak loads – e.g. on Valentine’s Day – and that there is a minimal risk of failure, special attention should be paid to hosting.

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Fleurop works with a huge network of Fleurop partner florists, which includes more than 5,500 floristry shops in Germany alone. The offer on includes not only flowers and bouquets, but also other items that can be added to an order. The online shop must therefore be able to map a complex business and availability logic for the various products and product types. Since Fleurop is active in 150 countries and works internationally with florists in the Fleurop network, the international orientation of the shop had to be taken into account. In addition, a florist search and the connection to the Fleurop partner portal were to be implemented.


Together with the Fleurop team, we implemented the new online shop in an agile project within a year. In our eight-person Scrum team, we have brought together experts from the fields of UX, UI, software development, project management, quality assurance. We flexibly expanded this core team as needed, so that a total of about 30 colleagues were involved in the project over the entire project period. In the preliminary project, joint workshops were held and an in-depth requirements analysis was carried out. Subsequently, the technical concept was developed. The project phase for the implementation of the online shop based on the Shopware Enterprise Edition started at the beginning of 2022.


Shopware 6 Enterprise Edition

The Fleurop online shop was implemented with the high-performance e-commerce system Shopware 6 Enterprise. Shopware 6 has extensive CMS functionalities and a very user-friendly administration, which offers the e-commerce team the possibility to manage the content of the content and shop pages conveniently and easily. The API-centric system also offers very good standard APIs to seamlessly connect third-party systems so that products and orders can be easily imported or exported. Shopware 6 Enterprise already offers very extensive functionalities in the standard version to map a wide variety of business requirements. Additional features and extensions can be implemented very well through plugins or individual solutions.



  • UX Engineering: Conception, UX Design, Wireframes, Usability Tests with, AB Tests
  • UI Design: In collaboration with the Fleurop team, a modern design based on the Fleurop CI was created
  • Implementation of the individual design by developers with the Shopware Shopping Experiences (Page Builder)



The requirements for hosting are high scalability, flexibility, performance and maximum availability. The set-up was created by basecom with the aim of achieving maximum availability for the shop through individual upscaling, even on peak sales days and during peak loads (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.). On this basis, further optimizations were carried out in close cooperation between experts from Shopware, the hosting service provider and basecom in order to achieve the best possible solution for Fleurop.


As a technical service provider, we developed and implemented the technical concept as well as the graphic layouts for an individual front-end. The online shop appears more modern and user-friendly than before. We are completely satisfied with the result and look forward to a long-term and successful partnership.


The new online shop from Fleurop is based on the innovative Shopware 6 shop system in the Enterprise Edition.

Company info

For more than 100 years, Fleurop has stood for making people all over the world happy with flowers. The Fleurop network consists exclusively of qualified, locally based floristry shops. Today, around 50,000 Fleurop partner florists in 150 countries deliver over 25 million flower arrangements per year. With more than 5,500 floristry shops offering the Fleurop service, Germany has the densest Fleurop network in the world.

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