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Launch of the camel active B2C fashion online store

  • Shopware 6 B2C online store
  • Development and launch of the store
  • Oktopus as middleware between PIM and Shopware 6
  • large project with many partners
  • one of the first Shopware 6 projects: Launch in the early access phase

camel active is a brand of the Japanese tobacco company Japan Tobacco International.
The Bültel International Fashion Group is a globally active fashion company based in Salzbergen. The company is authorized as a licensee to distribute the camel active brand. In order to be able to market the brand online in the future, Bültel commissioned us in September 2019 to implement a B2C online store based on the new Shopware 6 store system for camel active. In addition, a third-party PIM and OMS system should be connected to the store.

Solutions & Services
Shopware 6
Octopus Connector
Project management
Software development

From our perspective, the biggest challenge in this project was to implement the online store in a very early version of Shopware 6 while meeting the customer’s demands and our own requirements, both in terms of technology and design. is one of the first projects implemented with Shopware 6.
Another important aspect was the cooperation and coordination in a large project team, in which different service providers and agencies were represented and which was controlled by a superordinate project management.
In addition, the project was subject to approval by the trademark owner.


Shopware 6

The webshop was created in the early access version of Shopware 6. In the process, basecom also implemented the store’s modern design in close coordination with a creative agency. Our Oktopus software connector was used to connect Laudert’s PIM software to Shopware 6.

Octopus Software Connector

The Octopus Connector uses product and attribute data and ensures the smooth exchange of data between the online store and the PIM system.

Interface integration

Individual interfaces were set up for the automated reconciliation of inventories, orders and documents between Shopware 6 and the order management system of the third-party supplier ACL.


As a technical service provider, we connected all third-party systems and implemented the specifications of the creative agency and brand owner with Shopware 6 to perfection. Hosting is also provided by basecom. Although there were still problems with both Shopware and the plugin manufacturers with the new Shopware version 6, basecom managed to make the store live on 17.03.2020. We are completely satisfied with the good cooperation between all parties involved and the result.


The new camel active webshop is based on the innovative Shopware 6 store system.

Company info

Bültel Bekleidungswerke GmbH was founded in 1964 by the brothers Bernard and Hermann Bültel in Salzbergen. Today, the Bültel International Fashion Group is represented worldwide with its own production sites. The fashion company employs more than 2000 people and has been successfully established in the market for over 50 years.

The company’s portfolio in the field of women’s and men’s fashion includes its own brands CALAMAR and hattric as well as the camel active collection produced under license.

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